AEK Betsson: “No crowd with Hapoel Holon – Protecting our home and team”


THE KAE AEK Betsson with its announcement reminds the friends of the team that Tuesday’s match against Hapoel Holon will be held behind closed doors for security reasons. At the same time, he calls on the public not to approach the stadium, while reminding that the risk of a new punishment by the home base has not disappeared, in case of a relapse, i.e. automatic exclusion of the home base for a long time.

Apparently the security reasons have to do with the incidents that took place in the last match with an Israeli team, in last year’s playoffs of the tournament against Hapoel Jerusalem, when the “yellow and black” were punished by the BCL to play all the games of the current season with just 20% capacity in every game for the whole season.

AEK’s announcement:

Friends of AEK,

our team faces Hapoel Holon tomorrow (Tuesday, 05/03, 20:45) at the Olympic Hall of Ano Liosion, for the 4th matchday of the “16” phase.

We remind you that the match will be played without spectators by decision of the BCL.

Based on this decision and before the risk of “new punishment” for our team, as BCL states in its letter, and after a meeting in the presence of the Police, which took place on Friday (01/03), the following applies:

– Even season ticket holders will not have access to the stadium. Access to the Stadium will be granted only to the competing teams and those involved in the conduct of the match, which the BCL has designated.

– The Order Measures will be particularly increased in and around the facilities due to the dangerous nature of the match, even though it will be held “behind closed doors”.

Friends of AEK,

our team is still under surveillance due to what happened in the match against Hapoel Jerusalem last season. It is reminded that, based on the decision of the CAS, the risk of our new punishment has not disappeared, in case of a relapse, that is, the automatic exclusion of our headquarters for a long time.

We must protect our HOME. We have to protect our team.

Source: Sport Fm

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