The two new photovoltaic projects put on track the three-year strategic plan presented by the Group’s management to investors in London in January, which includes significant investments in Renewable Energy Sources and substantial steps towards the green transition.

The first project concerns PPC’s agreement with RWE, for the new photovoltaic park “PPC Amyntaio Mine” (project group III) with a total capacity of approximately 450 MWp (432 MWac), which is located in Western Macedonia, within the boundaries of the former open-air of Amyntaio lignite mine. For the specific investment of €255.4 million in the “PPC Amyntaio Mine”, €127.7 million was secured from European Union funds – NextGenerationEU through the Recovery and Resilience Fund “Greece 2.0”. The construction works of the photovoltaic park are scheduled to start in the coming months, while its operation is expected until the end of 2025. The two companies continue their cooperation, promoting the energy transition of Greece, through their joint company METON Energy SA, in in which RWE Renewables Europe & Australia (51%) and PPC Renewables (49%) participate.

The second major investment concerns the agreement signed by PPC Group with Eurobank and Piraeus banks, for the financing of the large 550 MWp photovoltaic project of PPC Renewables in Ptolemaida. The new photovoltaic project “Phoebe”, which is also expected to be completed within 2025, will be developed in the Lignite Center of Western Macedonia. It consists of three different sub-areas with a total area of ​​approximately 10,000 acres in which approximately 950,000 PV panels of bifacial technology are to be installed. After completion and connection to the System, the production of the PV Station is expected to reach 1 TWh, energy corresponding to the needs of approximately 200,000 households and which is going to cover almost 2.5% of the domestic energy production. At the same time, the operation of the station prevents the emission of 550 kt of CO2 per year.

PPC Group brings the green revolution of RES

According to the business plan of the PPC Group, the next three years have been characterized as the three years of Renewable Energy Sources in production. In 2026, the installed RES capacity of the Group will double compared to today and reach 8.9GW, while in three years, RES will constitute 68% of the total installed capacity of the PPC Group, through investments and partnerships in Greece and Romania but also other regions in Southeast Europe, including Bulgaria.


At the same time, PPC Group creates flexible energy production and storage solutions that can contribute to meeting the demand, when the production from RES is not sufficient.

PPC Group’s total installed capacity will increase in 2026 to 13.1GW from 10.7GW today, despite the phase-out of units fueled by lignite, natural gas and oil with a total capacity of 2.8GW. Thus, in 2026 PPC Group will have 75% lower CO2 emissions compared to 2019. As a consequence of the above investments in RES, energy production in 2026 will become greener, with 54% of energy coming from RES.