Pomaski: “Miltos always demands the best from himself – Removing the valve won’t change anything”


“In the pole vault, in order to avoid invalid jumps, should we remove the forearm or in football the… goal?”…

In this way, George Pomaski commented on the thoughts that are being made by those responsible in athletics for the abolition of the valve from the long jump in an interview he gave to Channel 1 of Piraeus. The now renowned athletics coach also referred to his athlete, Milto Tedoglou, explaining why he is most often dissatisfied with his performances.


Do you agree with the changes being discussed in the long jump and triple jump?

“Absolutely not. Miltos has openly expressed his disagreement. Some committees of the World Federation draw conclusions and take decisions without having set foot on the sidelines. They are now saying to remove the valve because there are invalid attempts. So in pole vault we should remove the forearm? In football, if a goal is not scored, do we remove the goal? Every sport has its beauty.”

Who make up these committees that make decisions in the absence of athletes and coaches?

“They are people who have never worn a sports jersey, never sweated and that’s why they don’t respect athletes. They don’t want to hear our opinion when they decide to make changes. they do them wrong. This is proven by the fact that there are huge reactions from the global sports community”

Will Miltos Tedoglou change sports if they pass?

“Miltos has been very upset. He has a rare psyche and has learned to work methodically, like all vaulters, with the specific regulation. To achieve a valid jump while running, you have to be completely focused and of course work, prepare accordingly”.

Theoretically, if the valve is removed, what will Miltos Tedoglou’s jump be able to reach, without the stress of the valid?

“Performance will not increase. Attempts that are invalid under the current rules will simply be counted. We will have more or less the same anyway”.

You have won everything with Milto two or three times, how do you and he keep the mood for new awards insatiable?

“Each sport requires some kind of training and of course discipline. Miltos continues to receive this discipline from hard training, he brings it home with him. There I can tell you that he is even more disciplined. He sleeps, rests, plays video games that he likes and calms him down. He is focused at home and often uses his computer to study the details of all the athletes, so by collecting information he tries to perform the training more qualitatively the next day. He is a long jumper 24 hours a day. All this leads him to look for new challenges and that’s where the new distinctions come from.”

Why is he never satisfied with his performance?

“Always strive for the best and know that when you strive for it and you feel that you have not achieved 100% of your potential, then you are left with a bitterness. He wants to control everything, all his movements and if something is not right then it bothers him.

In Glasgow he had a tie on the first jump with Furlani. From there, though, all of his jumps were better. Maybe he wasn’t as explosive as other times, we have the details and the truth is, he really wasn’t as good as in other competitions. Now we will sit down to study the statistics and with the development of technology we have the possibility to improve the smallest thing”.

Will you tell us about the special dedication of the medal?

“Our country experienced a tragedy in Tempe, in which many mistakes were made. Recently in athletics the coaches also receive a medal. Well, I dedicated my medal to the families of the victims, there is nothing worse in the world than losing your child.”

Here in Piraeus, we also remember you from your successful presence as an Olympic gymnast. Have you missed football?

“Those were good days, yes I miss them. I also remember the great pressure. What I wanted was to develop the most athletic characteristics of footballers. Unfortunately, in this part the Greek teams fall short and work is still needed to reach the top of Europe”.

There are Greek footballers who play in top leagues.

“Correct. We now see that there are players, who are at the highest level of physical characteristics, such as for example Csimikas in Liverpool and other guys that I don’t want to do wrong. But you see how they adapt to the conditions and requirements of their clubs. So, if the Greek teams also raise another level, then we will be able to compete more with the foreign teams and export even more players.”

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