Spanoulis on James: “Great player, records are meant to be broken”


After he succeeded above 12 points which were needed in her confrontation Monaco with the Red StarThe Mike James is now the leading scorer in EuroLeague history, leaving him second Vasilis Spanoulis.

“Kill Bill” and his trainer Pigeon bwin spoke highly of the American guard, who has achieved this through hard work and saying that records are meant to be broken.

Vassilis Spanoulis said in detail to Nova’s camera:

We are talking about a very big player. Mike works very hard, as his coach said. Nothing is a coincidence. You cannot achieve these feats without working hard. He is to be congratulated for this huge achievement.

And being No.2 and No.10, I don’t mind at all. I never looked at personal stats, I always looked at wins and titles. From there all these individual stats came through team successes and my own individual work. Records are meant to be broken, I won’t stay over there forever (p.s. at the top of the list). For me it is important that there are new athletes coming from behind who are breaking these records.

Everyone does it in their own way and has their own quirks, but it’s definitely a move he’s comfortable with and he’s scored a lot of baskets. From then on, everyone has their own way of scoring. I had mine. Mike has his. So once again he deserves many congratulations. Being the top scorer in the Euroleague is not an easy thing and he deserves a lot of congratulations.

The point is not to catch such a player on fire. I believe that afterwards, for the whole world it may seem the most difficult shot, but for the player who is talented and on fire at that moment it is in the twilight zone as we say. Whatever defense you play next is too late.

We are two different players. We both had scoring appeal. From there, everyone has their own characteristics and it also depends on the other players you have in the team. I am telling the truth. It depends on the team you have».

Source: Sport Fm

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