“Panathinaikos is the best option for Mike James”


“There’s no place like home. Mike should be in his. I think that Panathinaikos is that place”…

With these words, Eric McCollum began to argue why Panathinaikos AKTOR would be the most ideal choice for Mike James to continue his career. The veteran ace speaking on the Urbonus podcast underlined that the greens also need a player like James in the event that finally Nan does not remain in the team in the new season, but also the American if he wants to have the best chance to remain at a high level and to claim a European trophy he wants and misses.

“There’s no place like home. Mike should be in his. I think that Panathinaikos is that place. Nan is in the final year of his contract. Mike James might be the perfect piece in their system. He will have freedom based on his game. They have an excellent tall, like Lessor. His pick-and-roll with Lessor is a thing of beauty to behold.

He can also play without the ball and this will help him to score more when Slukas and Grant will be playing at 1. I like the flexibility they have in these positions. They have raised the budget, are looking for stars and have the will to return to the top. What better player to get. I want to see him somewhere where he’s already settled and not bringing a winning culture to the team or someone who’s going to help the team go up.”McCollum reported and concluded…

“Panathinaikos has the name, the tradition, the respect to reach this route. Every player wants to win titles, succeed and make money. Panathinaikos pays minutes and the president could do the best. Panathinaikos would be a better choice to win the title and reach this success.”

Source: Sport Fm

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