With prices reduced by 1-2 euros and continuous opening hours from 7 am on Sunday until noon on Clean Monday, the Varvakeios Agora the consumers.

The president of the Varvakiou Fish Market, Vassilis Simos, speaking today to ERT noted that the market will only be closed for one hour at noon on Sunday to be cleaned, adding that prices will not change and there is no question of availability.

Regarding the prices, the president mentioned that Ecuadorian dark shrimp (medium size) is sold for around 8-9 euros from 10-11 euros, which was last year, Argentine red shrimp reaches 12 euros, squids cost 8.98 euros, i.e. it is about two euros below last year’s price and the tentacles of thrapsalus at 7.98 euros and they are 1 euro cheaper than last year.

“We are going for a smaller profit margin and we are trying to serve the people who are financially vulnerable”, emphasized Mr. Simos and reminded that Varvakeios also sells online.

“…We will make the Lenten basketbut anyway there is a basket of 6-7 seafood products that have a reduction of around 1-2 euros”, said the president of Ichthyagora.