Robinho apologizes to all women and says he is innocent


Anahi Martinho

Sentenced to nine years in prison for rape by the Italian court, Robinho once again declared himself innocent in an interview with Record this Sunday (17).

Next Wednesday (20), the former player will have his request for approval of the sentence judged by the STJ. The trial will be broadcast live, at Italy’s request.

In an interview with Carolina Ferraz on “Domingo Espetacular”, he stated that he was being subjected to racism by the Italian courts and apologized “to all women”.

“We had a superficial and very quick relationship. We had oral sex and exchanged kisses. We were there with her consent. She was conscious, at no point did she scream or ask to stop”, stated Robinho. “When I saw that she wanted to continue with the other boys, I went to my house.”

“I only found out after four months [da acusação de estupro], because they told me. They said they stayed with the girl for a certain amount of time, with her consent, and then went to another nightclub. I wasn’t even there anymore,” she added.

The former athlete also stated that he was the target of racism by the Italian justice system. “If the trial was of a white Italian, the outcome would be very different,” he said. “They [italianos] Their main objective is to condemn me for something I didn’t do. She [vítima] made a false accusation, as if she was unconscious. I was convicted of ‘induction’. I didn’t induce anyone to drink”, he defended.

Still according to him, four of the six men present in the alleged gang rape were not correctly tried. “If it was something collective, involving six people, why am I the only one answering for this?”

According to an investigation by the Italian Public Prosecutor’s Office, Robinho and five other Brazilians committed group sexual violence against a woman of Albanian origin who, drunk and unconscious, was taken to the dressing room of a nightclub in Milan, where she was raped several times. The case occurred in 2013.

Because they left Italy during the investigation, four men could not be notified, and their case was removed from the process. The other, like Robinho, was convicted.

Extortion attempt

Asked by Carolina Ferraz if he would like to say something to the victim, Robinho said again that he is innocent. “I have nothing to say to her, just that I am innocent. If there is anyone I owe an apology to, it is my wife and all the women who have been induced by the media to believe that I am this monster that they are trying to transform me into,” he said. .

Regarding the leaked audios in which he mocked and laughed at the victim, Robinho stated that they were “taken out of context” and that he suffered an extortion attempt.

“They weren’t my friends, they were people who tried to take advantage of me to take my money. They tried to extort me, they asked me for 60 thousand euros. If I had done something wrong I would pay the 60 thousand euros. My laugh was because I was sure of that he was being extorted,” he said.

The audios to which the former athlete refers were included in the process by the Italian Public Prosecutor’s Office. In the recordings, Robinho says: “That’s why I’m laughing, I don’t care. The girl was extremely drunk, she doesn’t even know who that I am.”

He says he hopes to be cleared by the STJ. “I hope that here in Brazil I can have the voice that I didn’t have abroad. My evidence was not considered by them.”

Source: Folha

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