Messi: ‘When I feel I have to retire, I will – I wasn’t ready to leave Barcelona’

Messi: ‘When I feel I have to retire, I will – I wasn’t ready to leave Barcelona’

On winning the World Cup, on his departure from Barcelona, ​​but also on when he will retire, was mentioned -among other things- Lionel Messi in a podcast interview Big Time.

The Argentinian super answered every question put to him, without avoiding any or answering diplomatically, and explained how big a deal winning the World Cup was, he spoke about the difficulties he faced in leaving Barcelona and moving to Paris Saint-Germain Germain, while emphasizing that when he feels that he cannot play anymore, he will hang up his shoes.

What he said in detail:

In the field of sports, I have been lucky enough to make all my dreams come true and the truth is that I cannot ask for more. I try to take advantage of everything God has given me so far, which is a lot».

Referring to his future and whether he is considering retirement, he said:

I know that the moment I feel like I can’t play anymore, that I’m no longer having fun or helping my teammates, it will be time to retire. I do a lot of self-criticism, I know when I’m good, when I’m bad, when I’m playing well and when I’m playing badly. When I feel it’s time to take that step, I’ll do it regardless of age. If I feel good, I’ll try to keep racing, because that’s what I like and I know how to do it. I haven’t thought about it yet. I try to enjoy everyday life, the moments, without thinking about the future. I haven’t planned anything, I hope to continue doing what I like for a while longer. When the time comes, I will definitely find a way».

While about his departure from Barcelona, ​​bound for Paris, he said:

It was a difficult change when I went to Paris, because I was doing really well in Barcelona and I thought about staying. I wasn’t ready to leave, everything happened so fast, I had to rebuild my life overnight. I discovered another league, another club, a new dressing room. It was a change I wasn’t looking for, so it was hard at first».

And he finished to win the World Cup:

Being world champions for us, our families and the whole country was magical, it will stay with us for a lifetime. I would definitely have left the national team if we hadn’t become champions, but luckily we gave Argentina another title».

Edited by: Manos Pitsakis Macheiras

Source: Sport Fm

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