US federal security investigators have located and recovered the “black box” from the freighter that crashed into a Baltimore bridge, the agency’s chief said Wednesday.

In particular, NTSB Chair Jennifer Homedi said investigators from the US National Transportation Safety Board retrieved the data recorder late Tuesday.

A team of investigators is expected to perform an autopsy on the Francis Scott Key Bridge in order to gather evidence that will enrich the investigation into how and what caused the container ship to crash into a 2.6-kilometer-long pillar.

At the same time, investigations into the recovery of the victims from the tragic accident are ongoing. Rescuers pulled alive from the water two workers who were working on the bridge at the time of the incident, while six others are believed to be in the river, including migrants from Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador, the Mexican consulate in Washington said.

Last night because of the difficult conditions – tides and currents made the work of divers dangerous – the search was suspended.

According to yesterday’s information from the authorities, the accident was due to a loss of power on the cargo ship while the crew had issued a distress signal and had informed the authorities that they had lost control of the ship.

Maryland Gov. Wes Moore confirmed that the cargo ship’s crew contacted authorities and advised that the ship had lost power.

In particular, he said that after a phone call that took place before the collision, the workers stopped the traffic of vehicles on the bridge, thus saving lives.