Guardiola furious with FA and Premier League for City’s heavy schedule


THE Pep Guardiola he messed with the FA and the Premier League for Manchester City’s very heavy schedule. The European and English champions will play seven crucial games on all “fronts” in 21 days and among these games is today’s top derby with Arsenal, but also the quarter-finals with Real in the Champions League.

Real have nine days to prepare for our game. Nine days! They play this weekend and then not again until our game – while I’m thinking, “Oh, give me one more day!”. With one more day the gap is wide – but no way. So when you ask me about calendar changes, I speak my mind – but forget it. I’m defending my club and it’s very difficult to play every three days, three days, three days – and the other clubs don’t have that situation“, he said.

In France, Paris do not play between their quarter-finals. In Portugal, they play before the Champions League. The FA and the Premier League have their own jobs and their own decisions. But I would like to know the answer as to why we play FA Cup all the time on Saturday and not on Sunday. One day makes a big difference at this stage with injured players and the backlog of games“, he added.

UEFA has its own business, FIFA has its own business – and the broadcasters have their own business. Do you think they’re thinking, “Oh, what about City?” The calendar has always been like this with us. There were always fewer days to recover“, concluded.

Source: Sport Fm

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