Yannis Nikolaou officially candidate for president of SEGAS


A young person with a long career in the international sports arena, submitted his credentials, in view of the SEGAS elections that will be held at the end of the year. “I am with you today because we are united by common concerns and concerns as well as visions for the sport of athletics. I submit myself to your judgment and claim the position of president in the upcoming elections” pointed out Yannis Nikolaou in front of 174 unions who participated in the process.

THE Yannis Nikolaou he made a unifying intervention, low-key, and showed that he is far from the acrimony that characterized previous electoral contests. “I want us to come together, give solutions and seek progress for our sport” he said characteristically.

The data in the electoral contest YOU to be held at the end of the year have changed drastically compared to a few months ago. The unions in the majority showed enthusiasm from his announcement Yannis Nikolaou for the presidency of the federation, as the arrival of an executive with international prestige, great recognition but also knowledge of Greek sports topics like Yannis Nikolaou, changes the facts for everyone.

The two days before the general assembly, the candidate president of SEGAS who also holds the status of president of the association Hermes of Constantinople 1877was embraced by the athletics family who seemed to be desperately looking for a person to lead the sport in the new era.

THE Yannis Nikolaou proceeded to announce his presidency YOU before the member associations and for the time being emerged as the only pole that brings together all trends from the field of athletics. A SEGAS that has suffer quite a few in recent years from personal policies.

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