Larentzakis: “Home doesn’t play such a big role – I don’t think any team wants to face us”


THE Giannoulis Larentzakis was hosted on ERT’s “Jambol” show and talked about his crucial match Olympiakou by Red Star (04/04, 20:00), but also for its continuation Euroleague.

In fact, he expressed his opinion that the seat in the playoffs does not play such a big role, while he pointed out that in his opinion, no team wants to cross paths with Olympic.

What he said in detail:

“We knew that Aris is a tough team that plays on the edge of the foul and with great energy. We weren’t as focused as we should have been and that’s why the match was so close. Everything starts from the defense, we get a rhythm and run into the attack. That’s why we take the differences. The approach plays a role, the pace of each game and perhaps that there may be fatigue from the previous game in the Euroleague”.

For Euroleague crossovers and home advantage: “We are now only looking at the match with Red Star and nothing else. We never did and we won’t do it now let’s see what happens. We watch each match individually. Whatever opponent comes to the playoffs we will face them with our experience. I think that the headquarters does not play such a big role anymore.

It is certainly a big advantage, but the last few years have shown that the advantage does not play such a role and seats are broken. I don’t think anyone will want to choose us. I don’t think any team wants to face us. We have experience and we are tough. I don’t think any team will want to play us in the playoffs. Milutinov will slowly come in, as will Petrusev. It’s important that they come back and it will only be good for us of course.”

Source: Sport Fm

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