Zouros: “It’s difficult for a big team like AEK to play in the playouts”


THE AEK Betsson won 88-85 the Maroussi in the Closed of Ano Liosia, in a game that seemed to be in control, but the guests in the end managed to enter the claim of the pink card, making the match a thriller.

Nevertheless, Mr Ilias Zouros stated that he was satisfied with the preparation and effort of his players, while he expressed his opinion that it is difficult for a big team like Union to compete in the playouts of the championship.

What he said in detail:

“First of all, I want to congratulate my players and the coaches for the work they did in preparation. Unfortunately it was a very difficult week for us. We had a lot of absences during the week, in our training and some of our players are sick. After a long time we played again.

We had no rhythm at all at the start of the game. We won. It is important that we won and another part that we have to achieve is to overcome the fear of victory. We win and in the end there is always doubt about the victory. It’s something we need to improve. Let’s do better. What counts at the moment is that we advance with one win in the Play Outs. We have to continue until the end, even though it is very difficult for a big team like AEK to play in the second group.

However, I want to believe that all the guys will give their best, so that we can go as strong as possible in the Play Offs. Thank you very much to the fans who came to the stadium today. I wish for the next match, although the next one we won’t have people, I forgot. So, in the next match, let’s have the world again. Good luck in Marousi. Happy birthday to Yannis Kouseloglou”.

Source: Sport Fm

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