Mediliber: “Definitely a win-Our dynamic has changed-Let’s make the world happy”


One way he thinks for him Olympic the victory in the first quarter-final with the Fenerbahce for the Conference League o Jose Luis Mendilibar, as he stated at the press conference ahead of Thursday’s match (19:45). The Basque coach revealed that he has ended up in the eleven, while he expressed his belief that his team is now playing much better compared to the first period of his presence on the bench.

He spoke in detail about:

-whether he has ended up in the eleven: “I have decided, we are on the eve. I’ve made my decisions since yesterday and I hope nothing serious happens in training so that I have to change them.”

-the five players who are at the card limit: “We are only thinking about tomorrow’s game and not the rematch. We must win it. We have a full team that can fill the gaps. We have more of a problem in defense, where we only have two declared players and if they are penalized we will have a problem. But we are not thinking about it now.”

-whether he thinks that the disruption in the ranks of Fenerbahçe can affect it or not: “I don’t think it will be affected. Equally, I believe all her attention is on the Conference League, with what has happened within the walls. They are a group of warriors, who give nothing away and will come to fight for what they stand for.”

– the fact that Fener has several days to play a strong game: “That means it will be full, with all players available, like us, who only have one suspended. “Fener had the opportunity to play, but they lined up the second team in the Super Cup.”

– the packed stadium: “It depends on us, we are the ones who have to motivate the people to keep supporting us. We want to make them happy throughout the game.”

-whether he is troubled by the bad start his team had with Ferentzvaros and Maccabi at home: “We shouldn’t dwell on the bad, but we don’t forget them either. There was a period in which we conceded the first goals and we didn’t always manage to win. But at the moment things have changed, the dynamics of the team have changed, we have corrected many things and having worked we are presenting a good performance throughout the match.”

-whether Jovetic will be a starter: “You’ll find out tomorrow if it’s in our plans or not. Pleasant headaches are good for the team. When you know you can use players safely and it’s hard to make a mistake, then the team will be helped, whether someone is a starter or comes off the bench.”

Source: Sport Fm

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