Panathinaikos’ message to the fans ahead of the match against Alba at the packed OAKA


A message to the fans ahead of tonight’s (11/4, 21:15) match between Panathinaikos AKTOR and Alba for the 34th matchday of the Euroleague, the “green” KAE sent through its announcement.

The update of KAE Panathinaikos in detail:

“Ahead of tonight’s match against Alba Berlin (11/4, 21:15) for the 34th matchday of the Euroleague regular season, KAE Panathinaikos AKTOR informs its fans of the following:

Given that the match is sold out and out of a sense of responsibility to our fans, it is clarified that tickets for the match against Alba Berlin are not available anywhere from anyone in charge of the team.

The stadium gates will open at 18:30.

It is noted that the new law is particularly strict, providing for “heavy” penalties, immediately applicable, which go as far as banning fans from entering the stadium and holding matches behind closed doors.

Please be reminded that there is an identity check to enter the gates of OAKA, that’s why we go to the stadium early, with our ID or passport, to avoid our own inconvenience.

In the event that during an inspection it is established that the possession of a no-name ticket or a ticket on which the first and last name is written is different from that of the owner, then in addition to the ban on entry to the stadium by the police, the ticket holder will be subject to the highest fine, while he is threatened with very serious penalties and the KAE, which may include the closing of the gate where the offense took place or even the stadium as a whole.

We support the team only our voice. Under no circumstances do we use laser devices and smoke generators, as the penalties will be given and are associated with closed-door penalties.

We remind you that very high fines have been imposed for the use of lasers during this year’s competition season and that our team will be considered a repeat offender in the event of a further offence.

We do not post banners or other inscriptions of a political, religious or ideological nature, with abusive, racist or sexist content, because they will bring heavy fines to our team, as well as matches without your presence.

For those who come to the stadium early, many surprises and gifts have been prepared, with dozens of actions that will take place on and off the court.

When it’s time to watch the match, we sit strictly and only in the seat indicated on our ticket.

We park our vehicle exclusively in the designated parking spaces located in the OAKA Parking lots and not on the sidewalks, so as not to disturb the passage of other vehicles.

We follow the instructions of the security, with the aim of the correct distribution of vehicles in the Parking and to avoid our discomfort at the exit.

It is reminded that in the Euroleague games, the entry of children over the age of three is done exclusively with the presentation of a separate ticket and in no case with the parent’s ticket”.

Source: Sport Fm

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