“Third-world management by the police and Bruges – Fortunately we had no victims”


The New Democracy MP spoke of third-world management on the part of Bruges and the police. Stratos Simopoulos. Speaking to News Bulletin 247 denounced the attitude of the Belgians in the fight with him PAOK for the Conference League, while adding that it is fortunate that we had no victims.

I want to convey my experience in contrast to what happened in Frankfurt, where we were hugged by the Eintracht fans and he didn’t open his nose. In Bruges we saw enormous disorganization, to the extent that I am thinking that what happened was set up. What happened created an irritation and in some reactions afterwards. I received pepper spray for the first time in my life at the age of 65. Bruges is responsible, because even PAOK friends who bought tickets, not from the PAE but from the offices or from other countries, got them at other gates. It was a terrifying situation, which I denounce. I’m here as a witness if anyone goes to court“, he said.

I don’t know if there are any fans still in custody. I know that some arrests were made, I saw broken heads, broken legs. I fell down, I was afraid of being trampled and I accepted the water and the sprays. I cried for ten minutes. What happened was unprecedented. I would show them my card and say who I am and they would say ‘we will arrest you’. The consul in Brussels was trying to convince them to let people in who had tickets. Even if they had tickets, they wanted to be let out. There were also some who went to the stadium without a ticket, but in their name there was a third-world management by the police, which I’m glad because we have no victims“, he added.

As for how he himself will react to what happened? “I have already made a post and an announcement. I am taking an initiative in the first phase, I have informed the Deputy Minister of Sports, Yannis Vroutsis, and I want to talk to him to tell him what happened. I am willing to join forces. And I have told PAOK that if they want any testimony, I am at their disposal“, concluded.

Source: Sport Fm

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