Unicef ​​spokeswoman Tess Ingram told ABC News today Friday that she was on an aid mission last Tuesday in the Gaza Strip when the armored Toyota LandCruiser she was riding in, which was marked by the United Nations, was shot at.

“If we weren’t in an armored vehicle, the window would have broken and things could have been a lot worse,” he said, according to a report by the Associated Press and Reuters.

Ingram, an Australian citizen, said the IDF and Hamas were aware of the convoy’s movements as part of the mission, but she did not see where the shots were coming from. “It appeared to be coming from the direction of the checkpoint towards the civilians who then turned and ran in the other direction,” he said.

The shooting showed that issues around aid coordination have not been resolved since seven aid workers were killed when Israeli drones struck a World Central Kitchen convoy earlier in April, Ingram said.