Angry announcement by PAOK: Racist behavior of the Belgians – We await the exemplary punishment of those responsible


Angry announcement from PAEK PAOK for what took place in Bruges before yesterday’s match between the “double-header of the north” and the Club.

The “black and white” speak of blind violence towards the fans, the members of the mission and the executives of PAE, while they report that the Belgian police showed racist behavior. At the same time, he talks about cases of unprecedented hatred and calls for the exemplary punishment of all those involved, as well as the condemnation of the events by Club Brugge.

THE PAOK he also informs that he has informed all the relevant bodies, in particular UEFA, the Greek Embassy of Belgium, the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Citizen Protection, Sports and also the leadership of the Greek police.

The announcement in detail:

PAOK PAOK is proceeding with complaints to UEFA, as well as to the Greek embassy in Belgium for the cases of unprecedented hatred of the Bruges authorities against the Greeks indiscriminately. At the same time, the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Citizen Protection, Sports, the leadership of the Hellenic Police and all relevant bodies are informed in detail.

The Belgian police arbitrarily arrested people with regular tickets, who were not allowed to enter the stadium, used tear gas and water pumps against picnickers, but also used blind violence when our fans left the stadium. The Belgian authorities blew away all notions of hospitality and safety rules.

Both the fans, including representatives of the Greek state and family members of our athletes, as well as the 25 security members and PAOK PAOK executives, who were trying all along to facilitate the access of our fans, became victims of blind violence. on the field. All with eyewitnesses the three emissaries of the Greek Police.

In view of the repeat, we expect the exemplary punishment of those responsible for the suffering of our fans and the full restoration and moral compensation of those who suffered damage unjustly. We also expect our colleagues from Club Brugge to condemn the largely racist behavior of the Belgian police who treated the Greeks as criminals.

Our fans are really to be congratulated for keeping their cool after what they’ve been through, while we feel sorry for those who, despite having bought a ticket, were unable to attend the game due to the insanity of the Belgian police.

Source: Sport Fm

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