Nikolakopoulos: “It was a step, not a big one, but 2 months ago we were saying that the season was over for Olympiakos…”


His latest news Olympiakouafter winning (3-2) against Fener in Karaiskaki for the quarter-final stage of the Conference League, reported by Kostas Nikolakopoulos to News Bulletin 247.

Specifically, he commented that Olympiacos took a stepit could have been bigger, but it remains a step, remembering that two months ago we were saying that the season was over (let’s see what we will do next year…) and now with Medilibar who has made the team, claims her qualification to the semi-finals of a European competition and is 4 points behind the top in the league.

Said that the game was as if it went to order in Olympiakos, leading 3-0, but as it unfolded in the last 32 minutes, it could also end 3-3. In general, Piraeus deserved the victory, although we expected more help yesterday from the two Argentines (Ese and Ortega) and from El Kambi, Masoura and Rodiney, although the starting eleven were very combative.

He also explained that the terrible pressure at the top of Olympiakos justified the coach but it also brought fatigue to the team, from one point onwards, and when the batteries ran flat, the Turks took control with three top-class substitutions. Above all, however, the game made a difference to Retsu’s penalty, for which, as he said, “we raise our hands.”

We saved him from his penalty in the return match with Maccabi, let’s see if we will save him now, seeing in the return match how much role he will play in the case of qualification“, concluded.

Source: Sport Fm

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