EPO Vice President: “Cosmote must have the answer for the venue of the final by Wednesday, there is a clause”


The vice-president of the EPO, Stergios Antoniouspoke to Metropolis 95.5 about the data of the final Cup, stressing that it exists clause from Cosmote TV to determine the seat of the final until April 17 and underlined how teams must respond by Monday!

The story with the Cup final continues. From the beginning the field had to be determined and it was guaranteed that it could be done there. Additional problems are created with the DEAB. Also, to do it in Panthessaliko requires financial effort. No one disagreed that the EPO should help, but the clubs need to make it clear whether they are willing to play with people or without. The letter the president sent is about that“, he initially said and continued:

Cameras must be installed in Panthessalikos and both teams must accept that they will play with people, because with the DEAB, there is now a risk that they will go with a penalty next year. There have been incidents in this stadium in the past and the teams are afraid.

The amount for the cameras is the least. The point is, I repeat, that the teams agree that the final will be played with people. We are waiting until Monday for the answer and how it will be done. We must have the answer because by the 17th of the month, Cosmote TV is asking for a determination of the field. There is also a clause for that».

He also emphasized:If Panathinaikos Panthessalikos also says with people, it will be there, as long as the police accept it. The venue of the final can only be changed by mutual consent. If the teams say it can be done in Athens, we don’t have a problem.

From the moment games are played in Panthessalikos and Volos plays without people, while they are in a difficult ranking position, everyone can give their interpretation. At the beginning it was said that the amount to install cameras in Panthessaliko is small, but now we learn that it is 260,000 and 70,000 euros are requested from the EPO. The formula can be found. There is also something else. If we say it is done with 10,000 people, who will be satisfied? You saw what happened in Bruges, how many people did not enter the stadium and some were even detained by the police.

The issue is for the two presidents to answer whether it will be done with people or not. If there are fans, then the 70,000 euros can be included in the costs of the final. A study is needed for the cameras because they ask for the smallest thing from the DEAB».

Regarding the possibility of changing the date of the Cup final if PAOK or Olympiacos have qualified for the Conference final, he replied:Nothing has changed, the final will be held on May 18. I hope they qualify. In this case such a matter may be raised by the League».

Source: Sport Fm

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