BBB 24: Isabelle doesn’t hide that she is enchanted with Matteus: ‘What a man!’


The couple that took more than three months to form is living a little love story in the final stretch of the reality show, complete with explicit romantic scenes and some cute statements.

Isabelle and Matteus didn’t let go of each other at the impromptu party in the early hours of this Saturday (13), when the last four participants of the reality show received a cooler with drinks and went to have fun. “You are very beautiful, my God… I don’t want to stop looking at you, you are so beautiful”, said the gaucho, before getting a kiss from Isabelle.

The two danced together, and at one point, Isabelle declared: “Oh, my God. He’s such a prince! God bless his life. What a man! What a beautiful man! How beautiful this baby is!”

In the bathroom, she commented to Alane that it was the first time she had a relationship with someone his age (27 years old), and praised his maturity. “He is a good person, he has a very good heart, he is very young. My God, 27 years old. I have never experienced anything with anyone that young, but he is very mature, he has lived through a lot.” Isabelle is 31 years old.

The winner of BBB 24 will be announced next Tuesday (16). Davi is already in the final and tomorrow (Sunday), Alane, Isabelle and Matteus will compete on the wall, to eliminate one of the three.

Source: Folha

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