The MVPs per matchday in the Euroleague: Five times “green” and three times “red and white” the award in the regular season!


Her “appetizer”. Euroleague ended with a sensational regular season and with the two “eternals” continuing on playoffs.

The Panathinaikos AKTOR with a record 23-11 secured home field advantage, finishing at 2nd place of regular time and now awaits the winner of the play-in pair between Maccabi and Baskonia in order to find out what will be their last obstacle on the road to Berlin Final 4.

On the other hand, Olympiacos counted one victory less, as a result of which they finished in 5th place in the standings with a record 22-12 and will face Barcelona with a home disadvantage.

Both Greek teams had great protagonists this season and this is proven by their presence at the awards of MVP per matchday!

The top player award was painted green five times, with the Matias Lessor to be named MVP three times, while on the other hand o Kostas Sloukas score two “prizes”!

As far as Olympiakos is concerned, the “red and white” having the best front line in Europe had triple representation with Alec Peters to open the MVP dance, after receiving the award on the very first matchday, at the moment when o Nikola Milutinovwon this title twice!

The EuroLeague 2023/24 MVPs by matchday

Round 1: Alec Peters (Olympic) – 31 PIR

Round 2: Gerson Jabusele (Real Madrid) – 39 PIR

Round 3: Toco Sengelia (Virtus Bologna) – 32 PIR

Round 4: Nikola Milutinov (Olympian) – 30 PIR

Round 5: Matias Lesor (Panathinaikos AKTOR) – 31 PIR

Round 6: Toco Sengelia (Virtus Bologna) – 30 PIR

Round 7: Facundo Cabasso (Real Madrid) – 39 PIR

Round 8: Cody Miller-McIntyre (Basconia) – 29 PIR

Round 9: Tsima Moneke (Basconia) – 35 PIR

Round 10: Sean Larkin (Anatolou Efes) & Maodo Lo (Armani Milano) – 38 PIR

Round 11: Serge Ibaka (Bayern Munich) – 34 PIR

Round 12: Tyreek Jones (Anatolu Efes) – 36 PIR

Round 13: Shane Larkin (Anatolou Efes) – 41 PIR

Round 14: Kostas Sloukas (Panathinaikos AKTOR) – 29 PIR

Round 15: Josh Nimbo (Maccabi) – Kevin Pander (Partizan) – Savon Shields (Armani Milano) – 25 PIR

Round 16: Milos Teodosic (Red Star) – 40 PIR

Round 17: Johannes Fogtman (Armani Milano) – 29 PIR

Round 18: Chima Moneke (Basconia) & Bonzie Colson (Maccabi Tel Aviv) – 34 PIR

Round 19: Canan Moussa (Real Madrid) – 45 PIR

Round 20: Wade Baldwin (Maccabi Tel Aviv) – 29 PIR

Round 21: Matias Lessor (Panathinaikos AKTOR) – 42 PIR

Round 22: Nikola Milutinov (Olympian) – 40 PIR

Round 23: Wade Baldwin (Maccabi Tel Aviv) – 33 PIR

Round 24: Mike James (Monaco) – 31 PIR

Round 25: Keenan Evans (Zalgiris) – 35 PIR

Round 26: Cody Miller-McIntyre (Basconia)

Round 27: Matias Lessor (Panathinaikos AKTOR) – 33 PIR

Round 28: Shane Larkin (Anatolou Efes) – 33 PIR

Round 29: Josh Niebo (Maccabi Tel Aviv) – 33 PIR

Round 30: Wade Baldwin (Maccabi Tel Aviv) – 46 PIR

Round 31: Mario Hezonia (Real Madrid) – Elijah Bryant (Anatolou Efes) – 33 PIR

Round 32: Nigel Hayes-Davies (Fenerbahce) – 46 PIR

Round 33: Will Clyburn (Anatolu Efes) – 28 PIR

Round 34: Kostas Sloukas (Panathinaikos AKTOR) – Marcus Howard (Baskonia) – James Nunnally (Partizan) – 27 PIR

Source: Sport Fm

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