Papastamatis: “AEK is an Idea, an experience and the biggest social and sports phenomenon of the country”


THE AEK completes today, April 13, 2024, a century of life and actors, members and athletes of the club of all departments make their own position for this historic day.

One of them, Mr Stamatis Papastamatis. The vice-president of Erasitechniki and administrative leader of the “yellow and black” in his statements states that AEK is Ideaexperience everyday and the biggest social and sports phenomenon of the country.

In detail, what he mentions on the website of the Amateur:

It is incredibly moving to think that 100 years ago, on this day, proud refugees, prominent people of the City, before they had even properly sheltered their houses, decided to light the flame. To establish the biggest social and sporting phenomenon of the country, the Athletic Union of Constantinople. AEK, when we say that it is an Idea, we mean it. It is a way of life, it is an experience and we have it in our lives every day. The completion of a century of history finds AEK in its “home” and competing in all sports with the aim of trophies and distinctions. But, at the same time, the completion of a century of history puts us in the process of setting the next goals, which for AEK is to conquer the top in all sports. We, as agents and fans of AEK, give our all every day, with the aim of achieving all this. With the world on our side, without which nothing can be achieved, we wish ALL TOGETHER, UNITED, a happy birthday to our great love, and we commit to making AEK even bigger in the next 100 years».

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