Historic moment for AEK: Participates in the torch relay and touches the Olympic Flame


A historical event (which coincides with the celebrations for the completion of 100 years old since its foundation) is organized by AEK.

The next one Saturday (20/4) the “Union” will become the first sports association associated with its Reception and Touching Ceremony Olympic Flame.

The relative announcement of the Amateur says:

“AEK has been the biggest sporting and social phenomenon of the country for a whole century.

The completion of a century of history coincides with the world’s greatest sporting event, the Paris Olympic Games.

On this occasion, the Hellenic Olympic Committee and the Amateur AEK through the AEK History and Culture Club, with the support of the Municipality of Nea Philadelphia-Nea Chalkidona, are organizing a ceremony to welcome and touch the Olympic Flame on Saturday, April 20, 2024, at 12:15 p.m.

The Event takes place in the context of the torch relay of the XXIII Olympic Games “PARIS 2024” and coincides with the anniversary events for the 100 Years of the Athletic Union of Constantinople.

It is a historic fact that AEK as an Association will participate in touching the Olympic Flame and indeed in the area of ​​New Philadelphia.

The torchbearer and accompanying athletes who will bring the flame to the Park, as well as the torchbearer and accompanying athletes who will continue from the Park and for the next change, will be AEK athletes.

We will be greatly honored by the presence of all of you.

Asia Minor and Unforgotten Homelands Memorial Park

117 Dekelias Ave., New Philadelphia”

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