Nikologiannis: “Bernard proves why he was a huge transfer for Panathinaikos – They have their eye on Ioannidis”


Panathinaikos went through a game which was dangerous with relative ease I would say because it brought out mood, energy and very high quality on the playing field mainly, led by Bernard, who scored two goals, made the very big difference and in general the last quarter makes very big games. It turned out to be a huge transfer for Panathinaikos, but in Greece we rush to get players out because one year they might not perform well, or they might not be able to adapt from the Emirates. Last year he didn’t do it much, it’s true, but if he had scored the goals with PAOK in the playoffs we would have a different discussion. One reason why this year has this difference is the presence of Ioannidis-Bakasetas. With the second in the XI, Bernard has been permanent on the left wing“, he said among other things.

The station’s reporter pointed out that the 4-2-2-2 used by Fatih Terim worked for him as he saw it, if you look at how many phases the “greens” made, with the bad thing being that they found themselves back on the scoreboard and the good thing is how they reacted.

At the same time, Nikologiannis noted that Arao and Akaidin played a big role in preventing Lamia from creating opportunities yesterday, while with his very good performance the second gives Terim the opportunity to fix the first on the axis of Panathinaikos.

While commenting that, it seems like, the opponents of the “trefoil” have set their sights on Ioannidisto upset him, get sent off and possibly miss one of the next derbies.

Listen to the audio:

Source: Sport Fm

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