Nan: “We feel comfortable with this victory, we owed a good match against Olympiakos”


Kendrick Nunn emphasized that Panathinaikos had to beat Olympiakos after the two consecutive defeats by the “eternal” opponent, he considers the match a good rehearsal in view of the Euroleague playoffs, he spoke about his way of playing and the value of Kostas Slukas.


On the victory in the derby against Olympiakos: “I am really happy with the result. We knew it was time to play a good game. We lost the last two matches against Olympiakos and now we beat them here at home. So, we feel really comfortable with this victory and our position in the Greek league.”

On how well the derby was a preparation for the next opponent of Panathinaikos: “I think it was an ideal condition for us. This week is like an “off week” for us until we know our Euroleague opponent, so that will keep us on our toes. So the timing of this derby was perfect.”

About the place he found: “It’s always nice. We had the five spread out around the perimeter. So I went to the basket a little more today. I didn’t do it as efficiently as I would have liked, but we did it.”

On Sluka’s three-pointer: “I wanted the ball. That was going through my mind, but playing in the 2 with Sluka is always nice, I can trust his judgment, his shooting, his shot selection anything and trust him to do. It was a good shot for us.”

Source: Sport Fm

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