Supersonic Maccabi, destroyed Baskonia and made an appointment with Panathinaikos in the playoffs!


Maccabi turned the first play-in game in Euroleague history into… a party!

The “group of the people” did not leave any leeway to Baskonia and destroyed it 113-85, securing it 7th place and the “date” with him Panathinaikos ACTOR in the playoffs of the top European competition.

We remind you that the first two matches of OAKA will take place on April 23 and 25 at 8:30 p.m. On the other hand, the Basques will play with the Virtus Bolognawho won her Effects in the other play-in, on Friday (19/04) for the 8th place of ranking.

From the first quarter, the Israelis showed that they would “walk”. His team Oded Katas she finished the match with 19/36 three-pointers making a record in her history, while she had both her “stars” on a good day. THE Lorenzo Brown found himself at the right time scoring 29 points on 7/8 3-point shooting, 5 rebounds and 5 assists, while Wade Baldwin had 26 points on 4/6 3-point shooting.

Of the rest, Colson had 14, Cleveland 11 and Tamir Blatt 10 with 7 assists. From a side Baskoniaplayed by himself Cody Miller-McIntyrewho scored 32 points, 8 rebounds and 7 assists.

The match

Maccabi entered the match very strongly with the star player Lorenzo Brown, who started “hot” with 3/4 threes early on. Very quickly, the difference became a double score (16-8), while with Cleveland also entering the three-point dance, the score became 19-10. THE Baskonia with Miller-McIntyre and Marcus Howard started to turn it up and cut it to 21-15, but Rivero took advantage of another offensive rebound by the typical home team to make it 23-15. Tamir Blatt also made a long shot for 26-15, while the first period ended with an emphatic 28-15 in favor of Maccabi.

The “party” of the Israelis continued at the beginning of the second quarter, when Rivero with a mid-range shot signed +16 (31-15). Led by him RogavopoulosBaskonia tried to react and reduced to 33-21, but o Brown he took charge again and single-handedly made it 37-21. A little later, it was the quiet until then’s turn Baldwin, to score 4 consecutive points for Maccabi’s +20 (41-21). THE Brown continued to be “hot” and reached 21 points before the half, which ended 55-36.

Maccabi Tel Aviv-Basconia: 7th and the Israelis play Panathinaikos

In the third period, Howard and Miller-McIntyre temporarily down 55-41 and showed a quick reaction. Very quickly, however, two long shots by Colson and Cohen made it 63-42 for the Maccabi. Rogavopoulos and Sendekerskis tried to answer (63-47), but the typical hosts continued to be unstoppable offensively, with Baldwin scoring 6 consecutive points for 75-52. The third quarter ended 86-61, with absolutely nothing having changed.

The fourth period was procedural, but the Maccabi showed no inclination to slow down. The gap briefly fell to 18 thanks to Miller-McIntyre and Roosterhowever somewhere there began a new “storm” of three-pointers by Blatt, Baldwin and Brown, resulting in the final 113-85.

The quarters: 28-15, 55-36, 86-61, 113-85

Detailed match statistics here

Source: Sport Fm

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