Vieirania: “Let’s go in like we did with Dinamo and make history”


Her faith of all in PAOK that the qualification against Bruges may come, expressed o Andre Vierigna.

In the press conference before the second leg of his quarter-finals Conference Leaguethe leader of the “two-headed North” gave the signal for the overthrow.

He called it necessary for the team to enter with her momentum who did it against Dinamo and declared sure that with the support of the people he can in the end celebrate.

What Vieirania said in detail

Regarding PAOK’s approach to the rematch: “We want to make history with this team. We know that the result in the first match was not the best, we have one more chance and we will give everything we have and don’t have to continue making history with this team.”

On what he thinks PAOK should keep from last year’s match against Marseille from which they were disqualified: “We reached this stage two years ago, unfortunately we did not progress. We also had a very strong opponent. We learned what it’s like to play in the quarter-finals, we had the same result last week. We have shown that we are present in difficult times. They are different teams, the group we have is different, we have experienced players. What we have to do is go in focused, knowing that it will be very difficult and Brugge will be prepared.”

For tickets and the world’s thirst: “He doesn’t have a ticket. Whoever got, got. The world of the team has the same thirst that we have. We know we are behind in the score and we have to make the turnaround. What I expect is what the crowd did in the match against Dinamo, to support us for 90′ or 120′. What I can promise is that we will give 100% of ourselves.”

On what is the key point for the reversal: “Let us score and let them not score. Let’s go in like we did in the match against Dinamo. People help us in difficult times to change things. So what we have to show is the intensity we have in such matches and that characterizes us to this day. To enter the difficult matches determined, to be united, one family, one team”.

Source: Sport Fm

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