The European Commission has received Greece’s fourth payment request for loans under the Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF), according to an announcement today

In particular, the Commission received Greece’s fourth payment request for loans of 2.3 billion euros (net of pre-financing).

Greece’s fourth loan payment request concerns a target under the loan facility component of the Hellenic Recovery and Resilience Plan. This objective requires a total of €4.5 billion in loans through the RRF to be signed by financial institutions with companies to support private investment related to areas such as green transition, digital transition, increasing export capacity and innovation .

The Commission will now assess the request. It will then send its preliminary assessment of the fulfillment of the target required for this payment by Greece to the Economic and Fiscal Committee.

Greece’s overall recovery and resilience plan will be financed with €18.2 billion in grants and €17.7 billion in loans.