Mendiliber: “Our philosophy does not change – To dominate and get the qualification”


At the press conference ahead of Olympiakos’ rematch with Fenerbahce spoke o Jose Luis Mendiliber.

The Basque coach emphasized that his team will repeat the good moments of the first game, wanting to dominate, while he then mentioned that he is preparing his players by telling them to believe in themselves, whether they are playing at home or away.

Everything he said in detail:

About what will be different from Olympiakos tomorrow and the 60 minutes of the first match: “They are 2 different games. We have definitely come with the aim of winning and qualifying. We want to dominate but it won’t be easy. We will try to repeat the good moments in the first game.”

As for who will start the match: “As I have told you again, our idea will not change. We won’t have many changes. The basic idea of ​​the game will be the same. We will try to dominate and win. One way or another you try to find out who will play. I won’t tell you.”

On Fener’s changes and how they improved on the first leg: “We believe how that changed the flow of the race. It was the penalty that affected us and changed the picture. That really changed the face of the game.”

On how he will prepare his players: “All I’ve told them is to believe in themselves. To never stop believing in themselves whether they are playing at home or away.”

While he continued: “I watch the Turkish championship. Two teams will compete for the victory. The one who shows more strength will get the title. We hope to be the ones to qualify with all due respect to Fener. We have worked hard and we hope to succeed.

We had played in the first game and Fener had rested. The clubs are prepared. In this sense there is no advantage. Whoever has more concentration will succeed.”

On Pontense and his comeback: “I’m very impatient. It’s the best there is. I can’t wait to play and give it my all.”

For his tactical approach and experience: “Experience gives knowledge and attitudes that you don’t have when you’re young. The ideal is to have a mix of both. That would be ideal for us. We hope that both elements will be available.”

On his unbeaten run in Europe: “When streaks like that go on it’s close to breaking this one. I hope it doesn’t break tomorrow. The most important thing is to play a good game. All we’re thinking about is playing well.”

And he finished: “I never said how comfortable I am. I never said how easy it is. I said how we want to win. Statistics are useful to journalists. Statistics are for discussion. Until 70′ we were equal or better and after the penalty our performance dropped. We respect Fener and we are sure that they respect us too and to win we have to play a good game.”

Source: Sport Fm

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