A1 Men’s Polo: Defeat for National in Chios, AEK and NO Patras home advantage in the play outs


THE National lost the opportunity to “stamp” the last “ticket” for the play-in in Men’s A1 polo, as he was defeated in Chios by the local NOX with 11-5, in a match for the 8th and last matchday, which concludes the B phase of the championship, and remains one point ahead of Palaio Faliro. The team of Faliro now has the opportunity to “lock” its participation in the play-in, if it defeats ANOG tonight (20:30) in Glyfada. For its part, Chios completed in the best way its… demarcation in the B’ phase, the “start” of which found it second to last in the standings, having secured its stay in the “big salons” for a long time.

In the meantime, AEK and NO Patron secured the home advantage in the playoffs, after today’s (17/4) games for the 8th matchday of the B phase. “Dikefalos” prevailed in Chania of the local NOX with 11-9 and took fifth place in the Group 2 standings, as a result of which they faced, with a home advantage, the (eighth) Friends of the Sea Club to stay in the category. For its part, NO Patrons defeated OFTH 15-9 and ranked sixth, as a result of which they faced the seventh NO Chania in the playoffs with a home advantage.

In matches for the 8th and last matchday of the 2nd phase in A1 men’s water polo, the results were noted:



Olympiacos-Vouliagmeni 19:30

Panathinaikos-PAOK 20:00

Apollo Smyrnis-Hydraikos 21:30

Peristeri-Panionios 21:30

RATING (in 21 matches)

Olympiakos 391-138 63

Vouliagmeni 319-182 55

Apollo Smyrni 296-219 46

Panionios 276-219 42

Panathinaikos 212-209 36

PAOK 235-239 34

Pigeon 202-205 28

Hydraikos 195-232 23



Chania-AEK 9-11

NO Patron-OFTH 15-9

Chios-Ethnikos 11-5

Glyfada-Paleio Faliro 20:30

RATING (in 22 games)

Glyfada 205-212 35 -21 St.

National 207-226 28

Paleo Faliro 185-236 27 -21 st.

Chios 206-259 25

AEK 174-221 20

NO Patras 181-259 18

Chania 190-257 15

OFTH 157-318 4

The continuation of the championship:

PLAY-OUT (20-28/4)


NO Patron-Chania

PLAY-IN (19-23/4)

1. 7th Group 1 (Pigeon)-2nd Group 2

2. 8th Group 1 (Hydraikos)-1st Group 2 (Glyfada)


3. 3rd Group 1 (Apollon Smyrna)-6th Group 1

4. 4th Group 1 (Panionios)-5th Group 1


5. 1st Group 1 (Olympic)-Winner 4

6. 2nd Group 2 (Vouliagmeni)-Winner 3

PLAY-OFFS – PLACES 5-8 (14-18/5)

7. Loser 3-Winner 1

8. Loser 4-Winner 2

PLAY-OFF – FINAL (21-30/5)

Winner 5-Winner 6

PLAY-OFF – PLACES 3-4 (21-25/5)

Loser 5-Loser 6

PLAY-OFF – PLACES 5-6 (Knockout)

Winner 7-Winner 8

*In each pairing, the team that finished higher in the regular season has home advantage. All series are best of 3 (two wins), except for the finals (three wins) and the knockout match for places 5-6.

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