K18 SPEDA: Milonas Champion in the Boys’ Final 4


The undefeated Milonas (A’) emerged as the champion of SPEDA in Boys U18 for the second consecutive year and fifth overall in its history, who prevailed 3-0 (25-21, 25-13, 25-17) of Argyroupoli in the F4 final , with Giorgos Kouvaras as MVP for the second season as well.

The “greens” of Panagiotis Georgountzou in the indoor court of Moschatos, were very superior, dominated the block, suffocated their opponent on the serve and comfortably reached the trophy.

On the other hand, Argyroupoli fought only in the first set, while in the next two she could not withstand the pressure of Milos.

The evolution of the final:

In the first set, Argyroupoli started strongly with Panagiotou leading and took a 2-6 lead, Milonas improved his performance and went ahead with 13-8, 19-12 and 21-14 against Tsiganos. The guests were reduced to 22-18, but in the crucial last points the players of the club of N. Smyrna managed with Tsiganos, Kouvaras to take the set with 25-21 and make it 1-0.

We had a change of scenery in the second with Milos being stormy, and leaving no room for AONA. Characteristically, from 7-4 the winners jumped to 22-10, and finished the set in summary proceedings with 25-13.

We had the same picture in the third set. Milonas started with 8-4, then stepped on the gas and escaped with a double margin, 16-8, and then increased it to 21-13. The many changes of Milos’ coach and the relaxation gave the opportunity to the young children of Giorgos Galiotos to reduce the difference to 23-16. Finally, with Kouvaras, Milonas took the set with 25-17 and with 3-0 celebrated another cup after the Men’s Fencing cup and the K21 Boys’ Cup, at the beginning of March.

3-0 sets (25-21, 25-13, 25-17)

Referees: Papachatzis, Doukakis Secretariat of Syrigos

AONS Milonas (‘A) (Georgountzos): Papadopoulos B, Kouvaras, F. Georgountzos, Paizis, Tsiganos, Vellinis, Fragozidis (l), Makris, Patelis, Tzioras, Kazantzoglou, Mastrostamatis (l). Mandelidis, Papadopoulos El.

AON Argyroupoli (Galiotos): Galoutzis, Panagiotou, Kekelos, Manousakis, Toumasian Raptis, Lambropoulos (l), Stefatos, Tsagrakis, Ispango, Angelopoulos, Stathopoulos.

Bronze thriller for GS Ilioupolis

The short final of the tournament turned into an unexpected two-hour thriller, which was won by GS Ilioupoli 3-2 (22 – 25 (1), 24 – 26 (2), 25 – 19 (3), 25 – 18 (4 ), 15 – 12 (5) against GS Petroupolis.

Initially, the team from Petropolis led 0-2 but the young talented players with a lasting counterattack, made the turnaround and took the game and the bronze medal.

Arbitrators Andreou, Kokoromytis Secretariat Syrigos

After the end of the final, there were awards

Commemorative prizes were awarded to the referees of the finals

Special awards

Best passer: Galoundzis AON Argyroupoli

Best striker: Kouvaras AONS of Milos

Best receiver: Stathopoulos GS Ilioupolis

Best Blocker : Vellini AONS Milos

MVP : Kouvaras AONS of Milos

The games were honored with their presence on behalf of the Management of E.S.PE.D.A. the President Mr. Nektarios Halvatzis, the 2nd Vice President Mr. Nikos Delagrammatikas, the Secretary General Mr. Charalambos Xofakis and the members Mr. Athanasiou Alikis, Iatropoulos Charilaos and Moulakakis Apostolos, as well as the president of the Arbitration Committee of the Union, Mr. Theofanis Tsakonas.

The results of the final-4:


Wednesday 17/4

N. Paximadas: AO Milos (A) – GS Ilioupolis 3-0 (25 – 13 (1), 25 – 19 (2), 25 – 15 (3)

St. Triada (7th Primary school) GS Petroupolis – AON Argyroupolis 2-3 (16 – 25 (1), 25 – 16 (2), 25 – 19 (3), 14 – 25 (4), 13 – 15 (5)

Finals – closed Moschato

Thursday 18/4

Small Final

GS Ilioupoli – GS Petroupoli 3-2 (22 – 25 (1), 24 – 26 (2), 25 – 19 (3), 25 – 18 (4), 15 – 12 (5)


AONS Milos (A’) – AON Argyroupoli 3-0 (25-21, 25-13, 25-17) – Champion

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