Panathinaikos: Duke and Amateur open their cards for Botanikos


They open their papers Amateur Panathinaikos and Haris Doukas for the Double Redevelopment in Vatanikos.

As the AO has announced, it will take place today at 13:00 press conference at the Athens City Hall, in the presence of the Mayor of the city and answers will be given about the developments surrounding the specific project.

This process comes after the letter of 1,081 members of AO to management of the Amateur.

At the same time, the week after Easter, there will be an open discussion in the closed “Pavlos Giannakopoulos”, where Haris Doukas will once again be present, so that questions can be resolved, following the relevant request of the members.

It is recalled that AO Panathinaikos stated in its announcement: “The Panathinaikos Athletic Club announces the issue of the Double Redevelopment.

Panathinaikos A.O. and the Mayor of Athens, Mr. Haris Doukas, will give a press conference at the Athens City Hall on Friday, April 19 at 1:00 p.m. on the Double Redevelopment issue.

The Association also informs that regarding the request of members of the Association for an open discussion, it will take place in the closed “Pavlos Giannakopoulos” the week after Easter, in the presence of the Mayor of Athens Mr. Haris Doukas».

Source: Sport Fm

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