Imposing Panathinaikos, “broke” it in Olympiakos and… is looking at a reversal!


Panathinaikos played like a champion and made a mess of Olympiakos! The “greens” did the perfect match in Rentis against the Cup Winners and with their emphatic dominance (0-3 sets)dropped the finals series to 2-1 and moved it to fourth match at Metz!

Inferior to the circumstances, Olympiacos who led the match just once (3-1 in the second set)falling “victim” of the terrible block of the “clover” that had leading ones Carcases and Samandan.

Her Wednesday (24/4) the fourth match in his indoor gym Mets with first service on 17:30.

The match:

Excellent start for Panathinaikos in the third final with the “green” having an excellent block and quickly reaching the +4 (2-6) forcing him Lorenzo Micelli in his first time out. The service of Panathinaikos worked very well with the difference remaining at the level of four points for a long time with the home team reducing it to two. But Dragan Nesic’s team with a personal 5-0 managed to widen the gap to seven (10-17) and to force the Olympiakos coach into a second time-out. The “red and white” suffered a blackout which gave Panathinaikos the right to escape to the +10mainly, with first-year attacks and errors in Olympiakos reception, one of which allowed Papafotiou to end the first set with 15-25.

A good start in the second set from Olympiakos who took the lead 2-0 and 3-1 but Panathinaikos came back by bringing the match to their feet and doing so 3-4! The “greens” had excellent organization in the block and remembering their good image in the first set took a four-point lead in the match (7-11). The block of Panathinaikos combined with the bad choices of the players of Olympiakos, but also their many mistakes, brought the “greens” back to a safe distance, (10-16) with Miceli calling a timeout. The “red and white” showed that they are waking up with an important one 4-0 reduced to three for 15-18. Olympiakos’ service improved noticeably with the Emmanuelidou and Mleinkova to “sleep” the reception of Panathinaikos, bringing the match to a point (20-21). After Nesic’s new time-out, Panathinaikos restored the difference it lost through its own hands and with two “carbon” phases from the Samandan and important block outs they got Carcass and Atkinson arrived at 0-2 with 22-25.

With the same “recipe” in the block, Panathinaikos may have found themselves behind 1-0 from Samandan’s bad serve, but with a deafening 5-0 run they took a 1-5 lead with Miceli calling a time-out. The guests reached 1-6 with Olympiakos temporarily reducing the score to three and Samadan raising a “wall” and with successive blocks bringing Panathinaikos back to four (5-9). The Olympiakos team tried several times to reduce to three with Panathinaikos taking advantage of every “red and white” mistake and reaching +7 with great points from Karkases (8-15). The difference in favor of Panathinaikos fluctuated between four and seven points, with Nesic calling a timeout to break Olympiakos’ rhythm at 13-17. This benefited the “greens” who skyrocketed their performance and escaped again with seven for 13-20. Panathinaikos’ attacks were excellent in the final stretch of the match with Karkases making crucial decisions for 15-22. Panathinaikos’ mistakes gave Olympiakos the right to hope, but the “greens” won the match with a 3-0 set and transferred the series to Mets! (20-25).


1st set: 4-8, 10-16, 11-21, 15-25

2nd set: 6-8, 10-16, 18-21, 22-25

3rd set: 3-8, 10-16, 15-21, 20-25

*Olympiakos’ points came from 4 aces, 26 attacks (25% efficiency), 5 blocks and 22 opponent errors (13 lost serves) and Panathinaikos’ points came from 1 ace, 49 attacks (45% efficiency), 10 blocks and 15 errors opponents (3 missed serves).

The sets: 0-3 (15-25, 22-25, 20-25) in 84′

OLYMPIACOS S.F.P. (Lorenzo Micelli): Nizetich 3 (2/15 ref., 1 ace, 53% sub. – 39% excellent), Kararo, Emmanuilidou 4 (2/7 ref., 1 ace, 1 block), Koumboura 5 (5/27 ref.) . ), Tsitsigianni 4 (3/10 ff., 1 block), Vlahaki, Tanis.

PANATHINAIKOS A.O. (Dragan Nesic): Hatziefstratiadou 6 (5/9 ref., 1 block), Karkases 14 (13/33 ref., 1 block, 45% sub. – 27% excellent), Atkinson 17 (16/38 ref., 1 ace), Grotous 7 (6/12 ff., 1 block, 73% sub. – 45% excellent), Papafotiou 1 (1/2 ff.), Samandan 15 (8/16 ff., 7 blocks) / Belia (l, 27% sub. . – 0% excellent), Silk.

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