Olympiacos-Milan: With a crazy dream in the Youth League final


With a crazy dream… His miraculous K19 Olympiakou contrasts with its counterpart Milan in the final of the Youth League (19:00, bwinSPORT FM, Cosmote Sports, www.sportfm.gr), with his “babies” Sotiris Sylaidopoulou to dream of lifting the European trophy in Nyon.

The two teams have already written separate history. Because both are reaching the final of the competition for the first time, while never before has a team from Greece and Italy claimed the trophy.

THE Olympic he is now on a particularly impressive run since the start of the season. The first obstacle was Leche, with last year’s Italian champion not standing in the way of the “red and white babies”. In the next round it was her turn Kabbalah to… submit and then the knockout games began, since until then they were doubles and the Piraeus had won 4/4 with 13-2 goals.

The next victims of the “red and whites” are the Serie A leader Primavera, Interand in the… lids n Lance. Both were eliminated by Olympiakos on penalties, while it was her turn in the “8”. Bayern to… worship in Munich (1-3). And the semi-final arrived with the strong Nanteswhich ended without a score, but again in Russian roulette the lads with the teenager on their chests managed to make it to the grand final.

THE Milan managed to qualify from its group, counting 4 wins and 2 losses, being in the group with Newcastle, Dortmund and Paris Saint-Germain. And then in the knockout games he proved to be a particularly tough nut to crack, knocking out three teams on penalties.

First victim Braga, since after 2-2 in the 90th minute, the “rosoneri” prevailed 4-2 on penalties and went to the quarter-finals. There, Abate’s team drew 1-1 with their opponents Real Madrid, but this time he prevailed on penalties with 4-3. And in the semi-final against Portosaw the Portuguese pull off a comeback but find a goal in stoppage time to beat the Dragons 4-3 again in Russian roulette, showing that their achievements are no fluke.

Source: Sport Fm

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