Crime and punishment for Panathinaikos from Maccabi!


Panathinaikos AKTOR started the Euroleague playoffs with the “left”!

His team Ergin Ataman was defeated with a score of 91-87 by Maccabi Tel Aviv in OAKA, and saw the Israelis make it 1-0 in the series and take it home advantagewhich means he will need at least one win at Belgradeif he wants to qualify for the Final Four in Berlin.

The “clover” was hurt by the 10 missed shots, Maccabi’s 15 offensive reboundsand the many unforced errors in the finale, resulting in his team Oded Katas to come back from -12 down and get the precious win.

The leader of the Panathinaikos AKTOR was Matias Lessor, who had 22 points, but missed 7 shots (4/11). 12 points and 13 assists were scored by Kostas Sloukaswho made a critical mistake in one of the last attacks, while the terrible had 11 points Jerian Grant who single-handedly kept the hosts in the match when the going got tough.

On the part of Maccabi, he played a great match in the final Lorenzo Brown with 16 points, 4 rebounds and 3 assists, while the leader was Bonzie Coulson, who made one big shot after another and finished the game with 18 points. He came up at the end Wade Baldwin with 15 points and 7 assists.

The match

THE Panathinaikos AKTOR entered the match strongly and took an early 5-2 lead with Mitoglou and Nan making excellent saves in the first few minutes. Brown tied the game with a three-pointer (5-5), while Nunn answered with a layup for 7-5. Cohen tied the match again (7-7), while in the next attack he put Maccabi ahead with 7-9. Nimbo with a follow-up made it 11-14 after Cohen’s three-pointer, but o Grigonis tied it at 14-14 with a long shot of his own. Brown went smoothly to the basket (14-16), while o Baldwin made three shots for 14-19. Grigonis cut back with another 3-pointer, while Slukas followed with his own to make it 20-21. The Lithuanian shot again from 6.75m. and equalized at 23-23, while o Lessor nailed emphatically for 25-25. The first period ended 25-26 with one shot by Rivero.

At the beginning of the second quarter, o Grant put the hosts ahead (27-26), but Blatt answered with a three-pointer after the rebound (27-29). THE Vildosa made a crazy 3-pointer for 31-29, while Lessor followed with a basket from close for 33-29. Grant scored with tremendous individual energy (35-30), while the up-and-coming Lessor made a nice turn and hit from close range for 37-30. THE Vildosa found a target again from long range, while on the next attack he got up from 8 meters and scored again for 43-32. Colson cut the home team’s lead with a goal-foul (43-35), while he took advantage of the miss match with Grigonis for 44-37. Huatso got Sluka’s assist (46-37), while Lessor nailed with fury for 48-39. THE Sloukas with his own shots he wrote 50-40, while Cleveland went to the line and made the halftime 50-42.

At the beginning of the second part, Baldwin immediately reduced from close range (50-44), while Mitoglou made two shots for 52-44. Slukas stole the ball and made an easy layup (54-44), while Grigonis took an unsportsmanlike layup and made it 56-44. Colson answered with a three-pointer and reduced the score to 56-47, while Mitoglou made a very strange basket for 58-47. Brown and Niebo cut back, but Lessor nailed an emphatic 60-51. The ascended one Brown hit from long range for 60-54, but o Mitoglou with another assist from Sluka, he made it 62-54 with a hook. The captain of the home team made two shots (64-54), while Cleveland responded with an acrobatic foul goal and Rivero with a basket from close for 64-59. Lessor and Webb exchanged spikes (66-61), while Kalaitzakis with shots after a terrible block signed the third quarter 70-63.

With “good evening” in the fourth period, o Baldwin cut it to 70-66 with a basket and a foul, while taking three shots and making two for 70-68. Lessor answered with a shot from the line (71-68), while Colson tied it with a three-pointer at 71-71. Lessor scored twice in a row for 75-73, while o Coulson put a new big shot for 77-78. Brown followed with his own three-pointer, making it 77-81, while o Grant with a layup cut it to 79-81 at a crucial point. The formidable Colson scored on defense for 79-83, but Grant answered again with an unthinkable foul shot for 81-83. Nunn made an effortless mistake that led to Colson’s shots (81-85), while o Sloukas he went to the line and wrote 83-85. Grant cut to 85-87 with a big shot, and a steal led to Nan’s 87-87 layup. Brown answered with a big basket for 87-89, while o Sloukas missed a crucial layup and Niebo went for the shots, making both for the 87-91 final.

The quarters: 25-26, 50-42, 70-63, 87-91

Detailed match statistics here.

Source: Sport Fm

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