“Brake” on the entrance of the Dubai team to the Euroleague by Real, Fenerbahce and Bayern!


Change data with a 180 degree turn at the opening of the Euroleague in Dubai;

Although everything showed recently, that the entry of a team from the United Arab Emirates into the competition is just around the corner, according to a publication of the Spanish website “encestando.es” something like this it doesn’t seem possible at the moment!

As stated in the relevant publication, it is initially emphasized that at the recent Euroleague General Assembly among the 13 shareholders, it was never voted on or finally decided the participation of the Dubai team in the event. This is because all the shareholders were waiting for the finalization of the participation of this particular group in the Adriatic league, as it was a condition to compete in a European event. For this reason, the relevant vote was postponed for the future.

However, in the continuation of the publication it is stated that they now exist three Euroleague teamswhich – at the present stage – is completely opposite with the entry of a Dubai team into the competition. She which leads this small group is said to be the Real Madrid and with her follow the Fenerbahce and Bayern Munich.

The first and foremost reason that the three teams are against the team from the United Arab Emirates is that they believe that the total of 69 million euros is not much which will enter as an investment for seven years. Beyond that, there are fears that the Dubai team it will blast players’ cachessince logic says it will have a big budget.

Also, one of the issues that he doesn’t like at all is the… secret approaches that are made. In particular, the people from the United Arab Emirates have chosen the experienced Serbian coach, Svetislav Pesic, to run their project. However, there is a strong rumor how have they been… underground very high offers to players of at least three Euroleague teams and while nothing has been finalized yet…

Finally, the publication states that from early discussions with the people from Dubai there were four shareholder groups that had expressed some doubts, with two of them being the Olympiacos and Maccabi Tel Aviv.

Source: Sport Fm

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