Block from Ari and Olympiacos lost ground in Vikelidis!


THE Mars block him Olympic! Playing soulfully with him too Quest to lower the rolls, the “yellows” managed to keep the “red and whites” at 1-1 but they wasted their chances!

They sacrificed themselves in the match and with MVP their Spanish goalkeeper who had 7 saves they got the point, which they celebrated strongly in the finale. Lost opportunity to overcome PAOK from Olympiakos and reduce from the top two, with Jose Luis Mendilibar to have his first draw on the bench of Piraeus.

Tragic mistake by Doi in the 1-0 of Aris with Moron, wonderful cooperation and perfect placement by Martins for the equalizer, with the “red and whites” not getting help from the changes this time, since especially Pontense failed to offer despite took attempts.

In the coach’s mind

With 4-2-3-1, Aris was brought down by Akis Manzios. Cuesta at home and Odubazzo, Fabiano, Brambetz, Montoya in defense. Zoul, Darida in the axis, with Suleimanov, Fetfatzidis, Saverio in the central attacking triplet and Moron in the forward role.

Same arrangement for Olympiakos and from Jose Luis Mendiliber. Tzolakis in the goal, with Rodinei, Doi, Carmo, Ortega in the four defense. Ese, Ibora the two midfielders and Fortunis, Jovetic, Zelson in the trio behind the only promoted El Kaabi.

The match

High pressing and direct transition were the elements that Olympiacos brought out at the start. This resulted in the first threat in the 2nd minute when Fabiano caught him Zelson in the area, while three minutes later o El Kaabi he saw Cuesta striking his head. In the 8th minute came the lead of the “red and whites”, with Fortune to break into Jovetic and he should set an example for Cuesta. A goal that finally it didn’t count for a Zelson foul at the start of the period on Montoya.

Aris had his first chance in the 12th minutebut Moron and Saverio failed to execute properly with the red and white defense pulling away. Olympiacos continued to push better and in an explosive four minutes made three big finals to score. In the 21st minute, Cuesta impressively cleared Ese’s shot from inside the area, while in the 24th minute, the Spanish keeper made another terrible save on Jovetic’s header. At the… caps, Fortounis took the corner, but Ibora’s header went off the crossbar. Piraeus continued with their foot on the gas and in the 34th minute they had one more goal, but Rodinei’s shot went against Brambetz.

The match was going full speed for 0-0 and that’s how it happened, since both the “red and whites” in a triple phase at 45’+2′ and Fetfatzidis at 45’+4′ on behalf of the “yellows”. The second part started with a phase at 14 seconds for Olympiakosbut El Kaabi executed on Cuesta and in the 48th minute Aris’ lead came out of nowhere. Doi, in an unsuspecting phase, made a tragic mistake and gave Moron the opportunity to go alone against Tzolakis, who he put in for 1-0. The response of the “red and white” was immediate and came five minutes later. After a stunning attacking display, Zelson slotted into the side netting to level the score at 1-1.

Piraeus had the momentum, but did not build on it. They had a great opportunity for the reversal with Zelson in the 58th minute but the Portuguese was beaten by Cuesta, while two minutes later a quick counterattack resulted in a Fortunis shot that went wide. Mendiliber dropped Podense and Ciquinho in the positions of Jovetic, Ese but did not get the help he had. A bit of the strong play of the home team and the tolerance of the referee which brought irritation, but also the fact that there was no clear mind, brought the… confinement. Ciquinho’s terrific cross at El Kaabi failed to produce the upset with Brumbetz making a crucial tackle in the 74th minute, and strong marking and time-crunching from the Thessalonians then dominated.

The minutes passed, Aris played a full defense and held on tooth and nail for the draw, which this time he did not lose and was duly celebrated at “Kleanthis Vikelidis”.

MVP: Cuesta takes the man of the match award, bringing down the rolls with seven interventions. Close by and Brambets who… dogged to keep El Kaabi and Olympiakos as a whole away from the upset!

The whistle:
Obrenovic cancels through on field review Jovetic’s goal in the 8th minute for a foul on Montoya. He then whistles quite a bit and causes nerves among the players, while it is a wonder that Zul has gone the whole match without a card. Overall, he did not play the best possible match, especially in the disciplinary control.

Aris (Akis Manzios):
Cuesta, Odubajo, Fabiano, Brambetz, Montoya, Jules, Darinda (90+3 Roz), Fetfatzidis (60′ Moron), Suleimanov, Saverio (60′ Zamora), Moron.

Olympiakos (Jose Luis Mendiliber):
Tzolakis, Rodiney, Carmo, Doi, Ortega, Ibora, Ese (68′ Ciquinho), Fortunis, Gelson (79′ Navarro), Jovetic (68′ Podense), El Kaabi (87′ El Arabi).

Source: Sport Fm

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