“Steel” Olympiakos… broke it in Barcelona!


Break with “good morning” in Barcelona by Olympic!

With a defense that…bites the “red and whites” had the lead almost throughout the match and in the end they won 77-75 her Barcelonain the premiere of the Playoffs!

The Piraeus team withstood the “Blaugrana” counterattack in the last minutes, seeing the Filip Petrusev leaves injured after a hard foul at 35.9” before expiration, but the Giannouli Larentzakis to take his place and to make 2/2 of the linegiving the “cushion” of +5 (72-77) to the Piraeus team.

The Serbian forward was among the top scorers for Olympiakos with 12 points. The first scorer was Nigel Williams-Goss with 15 p., with Isaiah Canaan to add 14p.

From the “blaugrana”, stood out Willie Hernangometh and Jabari Parker with 13 points each.

Next match, again at “Palau Blaugrana”, next friday (26/4, 22:00).

The match

Olympiacos started with Fal, Sikma, Peters, Kanan and Walkap. With repeated excellent defenses, the “red and whites” came in and hitting Fal through the racket they went 0-6 in the first three minutes, while with Williams-Goss coming off the bench they reached +7 (4-11), at 5′. Then, the Piraeus made easy mistakes, giving baskets in the open court to Laprovitola and Parker, with Barcelona getting closer to the point (12-13), at 8′. In the final minutes, the American kept the Catalans aggressive, with Sikma and Fal maintaining the lead for Giorgos Bartzokas’ team and Abrines’ buzzer beater making it 18-19 in the first period.

Back-to-back baskets from Wright and Hernangometh started the second quarter and Olympiakos maintained its lead (22-23) until the 12th minute. Then, Abrines’ consecutive three-pointers sent Barcelona to +3 (28-25), with Petrusev taking… forward and putting the “red and whites” in front again (30-32), at 14′. Yokoubaitis temporarily equalized (32-32), with the Piraeus responding with terrible defenses and with Kanan and Petrusev as protagonists in the attack, going to +10 (34-44), at 19′. Nothing changed dramatically in the final minute, except for 1/2 shots by Hernangometh that made it 35-44 in the first half.

Despite the mistakes Olympiacos made at the beginning of the second half, its defense and offensive rebounds sent it to +11 (40-51), at 23′. Barcelona reacted with Yokubaitis and Rubio, reducing the difference to single digits (45-53), in the 25th minute. The answer of the “red and whites” came with the defenses of both McKissick and Williams-Goss, with the difference going to +13 (47-60), at 27′. But then, the Piraeus “stuck” offensively, with the Catalans finding baskets in the open court with Abrines and Laprovitola, making a 7-0 run (54-60), with 1/2 shots by Kanan making it 54-61 of the third period.

Olympiacos also made mistakes and bad choices in the attack at the beginning of the fourth quarter, with Barcelona going on a 4-0 run and reducing the score even more (58-61) in the first three minutes. Then, the “red and whites” tightened up the defense, made steals and with points in transition made individual 1-8, for +10 (59-69), in the 35th minute. With three-pointers by Rubio and Laprovitola, the “Blaugrana” got closer to the basket (67-69), with Kanan and Milutinov answering with a 6-0 of their own, for +8 (67-75), in the 37th minute. Bad choices by Barzoka’s players followed, with Kalinic cutting it (70-75) and Walkup making a tragic mistake with an unsportsmanlike foul on Rubio, to take the match to three points (72-75), at 1: 03” for expiration. Laprovitola made the mistake, with Petrusev winning a foul, but getting injured and giving way to Larentzakis, who with 2/2 from the line sent the “red and whites” to +5 (72-77), at 35 ,9” before expiration. At 29” Hernangomet made 1/2 from the line, with Olympiakos exhausting the next attack and a pointless dunk by Parker making the final 75-77!

The quarters: 18-19, 35-44, 54-61, 75-77

See here the match statistics

Watch the film of the match here

Source: Sport Fm

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