McKissick on bwinSPORT FM: I felt on the plane that we would win, I was very impressed by the coach’s plan!


Olympiacos prevailed 77-75 of Barcelona in Game 1 of the EuroLeague Playoffs series, making the break! The “red and white” they endured in the “blaugrana” counterattack in the last minutes and playing amazing defense throughout the game, they celebrated the pink card.

After the end of the match, Shaquille McKissick he spoke to his emissary News Bulletin 247 in Barcelona, Nico Zervafor the great victory of Olympiakos and praised the plan of Giorgos Bartzokas!

What he said in detail:

It was a great game for all of us. We did exactly what the coach told us. Our defense, of course, carried us to this win. Although I felt on the plane that we could win, I was terribly impressed by the coach’s plan. It worked in all phases“, he initially stated and added about her absence of Kostas Papanikolaou:Nervous to be able to replace our captain. For me too. I stayed the whole second half on the floor, at one point my knees were buckling from the fatigue and the effort, but, in the end, we did it and got this great win.

Barcelona is a team that can react, 1-0 doesn’t mean anything. Of course we have in mind that on Friday there is a chance to make it 2-0 and we need a win at home to go to the Final 4. But we should not underestimate Barcelona, ​​even though we played very well and we were ahead with big differences».

Listen to the full interview:

Source: Sport Fm

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