Almeida: “Let’s enter all the games like this – Let’s enjoy it today, but from tomorrow work”


AEK took a decisive step towards winning the championship for the second year in a row, with a great victory, 3-0, against Panathinaikos and escaped to +4 from the “greens”.

After the match, Matias Almeida he spoke about the appearance of his team and declared himself satisfied, but stressed that the celebrations should stop quickly as nothing has been decided.

At the same time, the Argentinian technician expressed his gratitude for her apotheosis which he received from the people while he made statements, rhythmically hearing his name.

Almeida’s statements in detail:

For AEK’s victory and appearance: “It’s a big win, we tried from the start to play good football, we played good football, it was a good game.”

For the fact that AEK was 100% focused and went first in the duels: “All games are finals, that’s the idea of ​​going into all games like that. Sometimes it seems, sometimes it doesn’t, but that’s the idea.”

For the difference compared to the others: “There are three games left, against three difficult teams, two of the opponents are also chasing first place. Let’s enjoy it today, but work from tomorrow.”

For the apotheosis of the world: “People sing my father’s last name, I am very grateful, but from tomorrow we are preparing for a difficult game against PAOK. We have to be ready.”

Source: Sport Fm

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