Nikologiannis: “The climate is heavy and the situation is difficult – I estimate that we will enter a year with changes”


For everything that cost Panathinaikos and failed to reach the championship, the heavy climate and the next day spoke Tasos Nikologiannis to bwinSPORT FM.

Initially, the “clover” reporter said: “The big loser of the season will be if they don’t win the Cup and stay out of Europe. It’s going to be a devastating season. Data is failed. Panathinaikos failed to win the championship, the reasons have been analyzed. There is responsibility in the management, who made the decisions, and in the coach and the players. In a year when things seemed to be getting better, they end up worse. At the moment the situation is difficult to manage, because the team presented a very bad image with AEK and Aris.

About the risks of Terim:When Terim came to Panathinaikos, we said that his resume was not disputed, but the years passed. He uses methods that are against football logic at times. We also saw it yesterday with a system that looked like 1-2-7. When you take so many risks, there’s no way you’ll end up winning. Doing it a couple of times is right and necessary. Continuity is not possible».

For the climate:The climate is very heavy. The effort that will be made is for Panathinaikos to do the right thing in the last two games and win the Cup. Then decisions will be made for the new season. We are going into a year where there will be changes. That’s how I understand. I make an assessment: With what I see and with the image the team shows I do not believe that Terim will remain in the team in the summer. The image of the team is what counts. If it was different, even if the championship was lost, we would have another conversation».

About the “episode” with Ioannidis:I have experienced Panathinaikos for 36 years. There have been crimes in the past with the behavior of some towards players. I’m not saying there shouldn’t be criticism. Everyone has a responsibility. But for someone to come out and say that he doesn’t respect the shirt and swear at him, it crosses the line. It doesn’t work like that. He has also given his soul to the team, he is playing against his health, he has had a difficult period with everything that has happened and instead of supporting him in the difficult moment, you tell him that the shirt does not hurt. The worst of all will be to discredit the Panathinaikos roster. There are many who took the side of Ioannidis and this is the most healthy».

He also mentioned the trio of Ioannidis, Bakaseta, Bernard who led Panathinaikos, the injury of the Brazilian that cost him, but also the fact that Ioannidis played with injections against Aris.

Source: Sport Fm

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