“Lava” Olympiacos… melted Barcelona and goes to the Barcelona final!


Emphatic response from Olympic and… final in Barcelona!

Stubborn from the break, the “red and white” made a “smash” of it Barcelonawhich they crushed 92-58 in Game 4 at SEF, tying the score at 2-2 and sending the series to a fifth and final match at “Palau Blaugrana” (8/5).

A leader for his team Giorgos Bartzokas was the Shaquille McKissick with 21 points, with Mustafa Fal to add 12p. and the Nigel Williams-Goss and Isaiah Cannon from 11 p.m. anyone.

Very good too Philip Petrushev with 10p., with Nikola Milutinov to make a terrible match also with 8p. and 11 rebounds, as of course in the return of o Kostas Papanikolaou he was amazing with 9 points, 6 rebounds and 2 assists. The black point of the match was his injury Giannouli Larentzakis in the second quarter.

Among the Catalans, he stood out Jabari Parker with 10 points and was the only one in double figures.

The match

Olympiacos started with Fal, Peters, Papanikolaou, Kanan and Walkap. The match had a good and fast pace early on, with the “red and whites” relying more on Fal offensively, but also Veseli coming in hungry for Barcelona, ​​who had the lead (10-12). In fact, then, with Laprovitola and Rubio’s three-pointers, the Catalans escaped to +7 (12-19), in the 5th minute. In the following minutes, Piraeus tightened defensively and with Kanan entering the offensive equation, the difference fell to the basket (17-19), however, the lost defensive rebounds kept it at this level until the end of the first period (21- 23).

With the same logic and even better, Olympiacos entered the second quarter. With the defense … biting, with Milutinov-Petrushev securing the rebounds and versatility in the attack with McKissick, Larentzaki and Williams-Goss, the “red and white” ran a terrific 15-0 run, for +13 (36-23 ), up to 14′. Parker’s three-pointer temporarily ended the streak, with the Piraeus answering with Petrusev and Milutinov with a new 9-0, for +19 (45-26), in the 16th minute. In the following minutes, the Catalans increased the pace of the match with Parker and Brithuela, with Barzoka’s team having answers with McKissick and going to the locker room with +16 (53-37).

Olympiacos continued with the same excellent defense in the second half, where they completely “blocked” Barcelona, ​​while on the other hand, Kanan and Williams-Goss went on an 8-0 run, for +24 (61-37), at 24 ‘. Then, the “red and whites” threw… turns, making easy mistakes and thus lost their rhythm in the attack, with the Catalans reducing with an 8-0 run (61-45), until the 27th minute. There, it was Kostas Papanikolaou’s turn to give his push and with his back-to-back three-pointers he “launched” the psychology and the SEF, with the Piraeus finishing the third period at +25 (72-47).

With the foot… gas, Olympiacos entered the fourth period as well, doing whatever it wants on the floor and shooting the difference to +34 (84-50), in the first five minutes. From that point on, the match took on a procedural nature, with Giorgos Bartzokas’ team reaching victory with the final 92-58.

The quarters: 21-23, 53-37, 72-45, 92-58

See here the match statistics

Watch the film of the match here

Source: Sport Fm

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