Olympiacos is looking for a win in Barcelona for the Final 4


Difficult sixth home assignment for Olympiakos. The “red and whites” face Barcelona at 19:30 (ERTSPORTS 2) in the fifth match of the men’s Polo Champions League quarter-finals, wanting a win to stay at the top of the group and effectively “check the ticket” for Malta .

Hrvoje Kolianin emphasized that: “A difficult challenge is ahead of us, an excellent opponent in his own stadium. Barceloneta’s last chance to qualify for the Final-4, so it will be very difficult and we expect it to be exactly like that. So let’s play a good game and hopefully go to the Final-4 with a win in Barcelona.”

Marko Bijac added: “For sure, we are expecting a very difficult game. In the last two years we played Barcelona twice in this pool, but we lost both times. It’s time to play our best game so we can win. We have to be focused until the last moment.

It will be very difficult, but we are confident. We’ve been playing well lately. We will give our best to play better than the previous two times here, so that we can get the important ‘three points’ and bring it back to Greece”.

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