Barcelona-Olympic: To make history in Barcelona to go to Berlin!


He breaks tradition and flies to Berlin Olympic; His “red and whites”. Giorgos Bartzokas they want to do what no other team has done so far Game 5that is to make the break in the fifth game of the series in its playoffs Euroleague and secure the ticket for the final-4.

However, only easy will not be such a thing, since they face the strong Barcelona (22.00, Novasports, bwinSPORT FM, at home, where it has just three defeats this season in the competition (one against Olympiakos in the playoffs and one each against Monaco and Olympia Milano).

THE Olympic however, he showed in Game 4 at SEF that he is capable of qualifying from the series, dismantling the Catalans with 92-58, but today’s matchup will definitely be different. However, his team Bartzoka could have ended the series from last week, but in the third match there were many complaints about the referee’s treatment.

How balanced this pair is, however, is demonstrated by the fact that there have already been two breaks in the matches between them, with each team counting from one away win and the score being at 2-2. Both finished the regular season with the same record (22-12), with the home team finishing fourth after being tied.

If one looks, now, at the numbers of the two teams, the Barcelona excels offensively (81.7 points per match compared to Olympiakos’ 79) and the Piraeus defensively (they accept 74.8 and the “blaugrana” 79.2). More generally, in most statistical categories in the offensive part there is a balance between the two opponents, but in suspension the “red and whites” have the upper hand in most of them.

In the competitive part, the Catalans will line up in armor, while on behalf of the “red and whites” it seems extremely difficult to compete Lorentzakiswho has nevertheless followed the mission to Barcelona.

“It’s the biggest game we’ve played this year, along with the Cup final. I hope it will be one of the greatest nights we have ever experienced in this stadium. There is no favourite. The whole series was very close, but I always believe in my team, I think it is the best and we will be ready for the game”her coach said, among other things Barcelona, ​​Roger Grimau.

For his part, Olympiakos coach Giorgos Bartzokas said: “The last game was decided by a big margin, but you never know in the next game how this will play out. It often acts as a motivation for the opponent because he feels hurt. On the other hand, we saw that if we follow a certain plan and play well, our ceiling is high and we can compete with anyone.

We are happy to play the fifth game, against Barcelona such a great team to go to the final four. We know that we are not in our field and we are not the favorite. But in any case we have our chances if we play well to go through.”

The referees are Sreten Radovic, Damir Javor and Uros Nikolic.

Source: Sport Fm

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