The appearance of two stars – her Helen Fureira and “god” Johnny Logan – to yesterday’s first semi-final of this year’s Eurovision which takes place in Malmö, Swedenwere the two best highlights from last night.

Foureira because with “Fuego” proved once again how much Eurovision is for her and Johnny Logan because he is Johnny Logan.

yes, the three-time winner of the institution performed the “Euphoria” Lorraine’s and moved (again), millions of viewers with his wonderful voice.

For the younger ones to learn…

Johnny Logan first won in 1980 with the song What’s Another Year?. In 1987 he won again with the now classic ballad Hold Me Now, with his own lyrics, which became a huge, worldwide hit.

His third win came in 1992, this time as a composer on Linda Martin’s winning song “Why Me?”

The… strange appearances of the evening

Of course, the right one, the honest Eurovision, demands – apart from good songs – and some… parasongs.

Such a “special” participation was presented by Finlandwith Windows95man appearing through a huge “naked” egg, with smoke and photorhythms making his presence even more intense.

Her “chess” participation also caused a sensation Irish one piece and mostly stage presence very… eccentric.

Bambie Thug presented Doomsday Blue, with a dark mood and look.

Who made it to the final – Marina Satti tomorrow

Serbia, Portugal, Slovenia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Finland, Cyprus, Croatia, Ireland and Luxembourg went to the final in this order of announcement and now the rest will be selected on Thursday night.

Good luck Greece!