English media: “Greek tragedy, Brexit and Aston Villa without … teeth with Olympiakos”


Pretty hard on her Aston Villawhich they judge to be inferior to the occasion, appear the journalists of the English media after her exclusion from the Olympicwhom they call the fair winner of the pair.

The Times calls Aston Villa…toothless, i.e. harmless, while the Sun and Mirror use the British cliché of a Greek tragedy. The star talks about… Brexit from Greece.

Sky Sports: “El Kaabi struck again and made Villa’s dream come true.”

Guardian: “The two goals of El Kaabi destroyed the hopes of an upset at the home of Olympiakos”.

Times: “Goals dried up for Aston Villa who had no teeth and submitted to Athens”.

Star Sports: “The Greeks completed Brexit. Aston Villa failed to complete England’s European dream, which ended with a cry.”

Daily Mail: “Aston Villa came face to face with the cold reality against Olympiakos and now turn their attention to getting into the Champions League.”

Daily Express: The end of the road. Emery’s European dream is dead.”

Sun: “Greek tragedy. Emery’s team was eliminated from the Europa Conference League after Greek humiliation”.

iSports: “Greek tragedy. Olympiacos sealed the fate of Villa!”.

Source: Sport Fm

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