Top athletes in Papaflessia


At the Kalamata stadium this coming Sunday, some of Greece’s leading athletics athletes will take part in the “Papaflessia” ahead of the big events of the coming summer.

One month before the European Athletics Championships in Rome, Elina Jengo will compete in “Papaflessia”. The 22-year-old European javelin champion has a best performance this year of 59.73 at the Shanghai meet on April 27.

Giannis Kyriazis will take part in the men’s event.

In the women’s height, the entries of Tatiana Gusin, Panagiota Dosis and Eleftheria Christogeorgou stand out.

Rafaela Spanoudaki will participate in the women’s 100 meters, who will also take a place at the start of the 200 meters along with Artemis Anastasiou.

In the women’s 800m, Georgia Despollari will look for a fast race along with Iouliana Roussou and Nelly Flutakou. Haris Xenidakis will compete in the men’s 800 meters.

Elisavet Pesiridou will do her first strong race in the 100 meters hurdles together with Sofia Iosifidou.

In the men’s sprint, Panagiotis Trivizas, Nikos Panagiotopoulos, Yiannis Granitsiotis, Nikos Empeoglou and Lampros Volikas will compete, while in the 200 meters, Yiannis Kariophyllis and Vassilis Myrianthopoulos will also compete.

Dimitris Levantinos will make his first race for 2024 in the 400m hurdles, while Vladimiros Andreadis will be at the start with him.

Nikos Stamatonikolos will compete in the men’s length.

The program:

18.00 100 m Hurdle (C)

18.00 Length (A)

18.00 Javelin (A)

18.20 100m (A)

18.35 100m (G)

18.35 Height (C)

18.50 800m (A)

19.05 800 m (C)

19.05 Javelin (C)

19.30 200 m (C)

19.45 200m (A)

20.00 400 m (A)

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