Juancho: When you thought I was playing with 7 kilos more – One of the best experiences of life was the atmosphere of OAKA in Game 5


In an interesting interview on the official website of the Euroleague, Mr Juancho Hernangomet, who helped him the most Panathinaikos in Game 5 of the playoffs against Maccabi Tel Aviv for the qualification of the “greens” to the Final 4 of the competition.

The Spanish forward spoke about the health problem that he faced, for the goals of the “clover” this season, while he did not fail to mention the magical atmosphere of OAKA.

At the same time, he also talked about his good friend, Anthony Edwardsbut also for their common presence in Netflix movie!

Juancho Hernangomet’s statements in detail:

On the health adventure in the series with Maccabi: “I was really, really sick, even the day before (ss from Game 5). It was like playing with 7 extra pounds. My body felt very heavy. I played through it all. When you play hard, injuries are going to happen and I hit. I had a problem with my calf when the game ended. In Game 1 we didn’t get the win, then I went to the hospital for ten days. I went back to Spain to find out what was going on, but I was lucky to help the team in Game 5.”

For his mindset: “You have to give everything you have to help the team. That’s been my mindset my whole career, my whole life. If you are there, you have to give one hundred percent, even if you are beaten, even if you are sick. Now I’m fine and I’m ready for the Final Four.”

On the atmosphere in Game 5: “The whole OAKA was amazing. It was one of the best experiences of my life. We got the win and we were very happy.”

For the Final Four: “I want to leave Berlin with good memories, we want to win the title. We deserve it all season and we will fight until the end.”

About Anthony Edwards: “I wish him the best, he’s a great player. I love Ants, I love Denver too I grew up there. It’s 2-2, it’s a very exciting series. I hope he goes to Game 7, because it will be good for basketball.”

On how she ended up starring in the film with Edwards: “It was during the covid period, I went through many castings, many interviews. For many months I told them no, it was not my dream to become an actor. That’s when I was looking for a contract. My sister was the one who told me to go and convinced me. We worked with Noelle, my acting coach, two and three days a week. He is one of the best people I have ever met in my life. I love her very much. He guided me through the film and everything that was needed.”

For Adam Sandler: “I’m talking to Adam Sandler and he’s watching the EuroLeague. He was close to coming to Game 5, but he was in London doing some filming. I’ll tell him to come to the Final Four and if we win, I’m sure he’ll be very happy.”

Source: Sport Fm

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