“Nanaly punched Lazarevich in the locker room”


The situation in Belgrade is anything but calm a few hours before the jamball of the third final of the Adriatic league between They were also part of the Red Star (19/5, 21:30).

According to the “meridiansport.rs” website, in the morning at “Beogradska Arina” there was one very serious incident in the locker room with negative protagonists two players of the “eternal” rivals.

As mentioned in the publication, on the occasion of the morning relaxation, several players of the two teams were on the field and at some point they met in the locker room James Nunnally and Stefan Lazarevic.

The Serbian forward of the “red and whites” asked the American for a “headlock” during a final, with his teammate Zeljko Obradovic punching him!

Shortly afterwards, Red Star issued a statement condemning the incident and calling for the exemplary punishment of James Nunnally.

So far it is not known if the players will be punished, with his team Yannis Sfeiropoulou to go with his “dowry”. 2-0 in the finals and to be one win away from the title, while on the other hand for Partizan the only way is victory in tonight’s match.

Source: Sport Fm

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